REFUND POLICY: There are no refunds/ exchanges. 

SHIPPING: We ship out packages within 1-4 business days. There may be a slight delay due to usps receiving a high volume of orders around the holidays. 

INCORRECT ADDRESS: Please make sure you provide us with the correct address; we ship out everyone’s products fairly fast. If you accidentally put the wrong address email Baciamilips@gmail.com as soon as possible. 

PACKAGE SAYS DELIVERED BUT DIDN’T RECEIVE ANYTHING: Sometimes USPS makes mistakes and scans packages as “delivered” without it reaching its destination. You should receive your package within a few days after this. If not check your local post office sometimes packages are dropped of there. 

BROKEN PRODUCTS: I always make to sure package everything well so it doesn’t break but sometimes USPS can be rough with some packages and that might result in one of your items breaking. If this happens please send me a picture of your damaged product at Baciamilips@gmail.com and we will replace your items for you. 

If you’ve made it to the end thank you for reading and for the endless support you give Baciami lips, you’re amazing!